Best Cycling Route in Tenerife

Best Cycling Route in Tenerife

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Cycling in Tenerife

Every winter, while Northern Europe is in the grip of the big freeze, most of the cycling lovers migrate to The Canary Islands for a seasonal warm-up. It’s where you go to jump-start your fitness regime – or, to be more honest, soak up some winter sun in a café you’ve made an effort to cycle to. That’s the trouble with Tenerife. It’s for dilettantes. It’s too comfy, familiar and well-organized.
What we have done is a guide to a intermediate tour of mount Tiede.

Here is a link to the route


Uphill, but a worthwhile Route

Best Cycling Route in Tenerife

1. La Orotava to Teide National Park 

Do you love to cycle around Europe? or maybe gear up for a trip to the canary’s, I’ve put together a Great route to get around most of Tenerife’s challenges, this Route is great to take if your a first time visitor to Tenerife, I loved enjoyed my time here and would absolute recommend to anyone!

Best Cycling Route in Tenerife on any Volcano

Before i started i needed to make sure i had everything i needed for this trip and to take into account the scorching heat the canary islands get year round. I use insulated bottles and freeze one or two the night before. Ride as early in the morning as possible.

I found what i consider some of the best thermal wear that is not to expensive.

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I wanted Thermal that would last at least the week, can sometimes get cramped in the heat, this one is great, its sleek, and doesn’t look overly stand out.

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here are some of the pro’s and con’s

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Excellent for the price! Limited colour choices
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Its uphill from here…

Best Cycling Route in Tenerife

We started our first route from La Ortava, it was early morning, already the heat is heavy, soon as you see mount Tiede, You might think why you are embarking on this route ,but it really is worth it.

One thing i must say is having the correct back pack is very important, I found one on amazon, was great for the uphill strain.

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One thing i wasn’t sure of though was the overall weight as a very small amount of reviews online say it can be uncomfortable if not packed correctly, but a refund was not a problem, so that’s reassuring.

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Its all about being prepared…

Best Cycling Route in Tenerife

Mount Tiede

Both amateurs and professionals fly to Tenerife for Mount Teide’s 15km-wide caldera, where a 2,300m crater wall reveals a Martian dust bowl sprinkled with alien like plants. Across this no-man’s-land runs a pancake flat highway.

This was tough for me in the heat, but soon as we got to the top, its was so worth it, truly breath-taking.

why i love cycling so much, you reward yourself after achieving each goal …the reward always taste nicer.

when your about to embark on the downhill part of this route, your going to need something to record your solid downhill madness, here is one I use myself and definitely recommend here are the pro’s and con’s.

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The Go pro is great for many reasons ,maybe you were in an accident that you could not prove, or for just capturing the best moments while abroad.

a few downside like everything, sometime the manual will not arrive with the go-pro and sometime The camera seems to lock up, but a simple reset fixes that.

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