Best Cycling Route in London

Best Cycling Route in London

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Cycling in London

Whether your are a white knuckle cyclist,or a quiet flat land lover ,this lovely route is great to get in touch with the cities finer points.

The best time to visit the city is early fall. For me the seasons of October/November was Beautiful, while still enjoying weather. Businesses are getting the most of the Tourism before the cold hits.

Simple, but Effective Route

Best Cycling Route in London

1. Tower of London to Big Ben 

If your like me, you love to cycle around the cities of Europe ,I’ve put together a simple yet effective way to get around most of London’s Landmarks, this Route is great to take if your a first time visitor to London, I very much enjoyed my time here and would absolute recommend to anyone!

The Best Cycling Route in London

I wanted to take a simple route at first to get a look around the famous landmarks of London.

Before i got started i made sure to take the essentials as I’ve been stuck before without a repair kit or a air pump,
after some searching around the web i found these to be perfect for my trip.

I wanted a rack bag that wouldn’t catch onto passing by objects, can sometime get cramped in the busy streets of London, this one is great, its sleek, long lasting and doesn’t look overly stand outish.

lets take a look at some of the specifications

  • There are two panniers whose dimensions are as follows: W3-1/2″ x L15″ x H7
  • Bottle Holder & Taillight Hanger Compatible
  • Durable Material & Good Quality Zipper (most important i think)
  • 21L Large Capacity

Here is Maps link to the Route

Rdffensy Bike Trunk Bag

Best Bike Rack Bag for London

Best Bike Rack Bag for London

here are some of the pro’s and con’s

Pros Cons
Excellent for the price! Limited colour choices
Sleek DesignStraps not very long
Adjustable for different types of rides
Great performance

And were off….

Best Cycling Route in London

Soon as we started our first route from Water lane, it was a late afternoon view, slightly dewy from dis morning’s fog, it was now visible to us, the mighty Shard just south of us, and the Tower Bridge to our left..

It was a mere 5 mins later when i really needed the bathroom ,and in typical fashion there wasn’t a toilet to be found , just around the corner of Black friar Station, there was a quaint little English pub, we locked our bikes up (which is highly recommend as a lot of bike robberies happen in the daytime) This is what i found to be the best lock

The Bike U Lock is a great choice, its very malleable, very secure and can be locked around both wheels, lets check some of the Specifications:

  • 9.84 in (250 mm) length x 5.51 in (140 mm) width x 0.55 in (14 mm) diameter including rubber casing, heat-hardened steel shackle protects against cutting and leveraging.
  • Shackle steel hardness (Rockwell scale) HRC50-HRC58 (through-hardened); cutting force strength 34.3 kN; pulling force strength 29.3 kN.
  • Tough double bolt crossbar locking mechanism offers twice the security against prying and jacking.
  • Pull and drill-resistant lock cylinder.
  • Pick-resistant lock stops knocking and bumping.
  • Flexible 5 ft 10 in (1800 mm) woven steel cable with smoke-grey transparent PVC coating secures both wheels, accessories and more.
  • Convenient mounting bracket ensures safe and compact storage when cycling; no need to pack your lock in a separate carry case or knapsack.
  • 2 keys specially designed to be difficult to copy.
  • Product weight 3.2 pounds (1.45 kg)

A bracket that attaches to your bicycle seat post or frame post and the actual lock has an easy release.

An attachment mechanism that lets you hook one to the other while not in use. to use the lock, you push

The easy release button and the lock is then usable.

One thing i wasn’t sure of though was the longevity of the lock as a very small amount of reviews say it can go faulty after 6 months, but a refund was not a problem, so that’s a bit reassuring

Bike U Lock with Cable

Best Hybrid Bike Cable Lock

Best Hybrid Bike Cable Lock
Pros Cons
Mulit ColouredColors sometime differ from Pictures
4ft Cable length
Don’t worry about lost keys
Fits over both wheels

Next stop…

The london eye and Big Ben

It was early November but i didn’t feel the cold that day, after Cycling for about 30mins, behold the mighty London eye, its was James bond and the movie industry is the only reason i know of this giant wheel but soon as we knew it the evening crept in, I remember before of being stuck many times without any lights on my bicycle, that wasn’t a problem this time, its far to dangerous to be cycling twilight without lights in London, i found this one, the STATOR Bike Light, what i like about this one is its USB rechargeable.

  • Built-in smart light sensor and vibration sensor chip. At automatic sensor mode (long press to start), bike headlight with light detection system, can automatically judge driving conditions.
  • Bike light front can Securely grip different size bicycle handlebars with the adjustable toothed buckle
  • Can even take in heavy rain or thick fog. Bike lights are Made of high-quality aluminium alloy and ABS plastic, they have excellent impact resistance, heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.

The Stator bike light is a great way to stay safe in with the city’s most well streets, here are some pro’s and con’s

STATOR Bike Light

Best women’s city bike light

Best women's city bike light
Pros Cons
USB charge Can come lose
Good Grip to handlebars
Bear more weight
Smart light sensor