Best Bike Storage Solutions: The Racks, Mounts & Containers You Need to Get Organized

Best Bike Storage Solutions: The Racks, Mounts & Containers You Need to Get Organized

Trying to organize your bikes and gear in a spare room, an awkward hallway, a wall in your office, or even an entire garage or basement? Unfortunately, bikes aren’t the easiest things to store. Thanks to wide handlebars (that seem to be trending wider and wider every year) and bulky drivetrains that can leave grease stains everywhere, stowing your bikes can be tricky.

That’s why here, we’re rounding up the best options for bike storage, no matter how big or small your space for bikes is—or how sturdy the walls are. We’re also including a few of our favorite organizational tools for keeping bike gear together, from tools to little in-ride necessities to cleaning supplies.

best bike storage - pegboardHow did we build this list? As obsessive bike lovers and reviewers, we’re often overstocked on bikes and bike parts in our homes and apartments. That means we’ve had to figure out solutions to help avoid our living rooms turning into glorified bike shops, because work/life balance is a real thing and also, we would all like to keep our spouses from leaving us.

 BEST FOR APARTMENTS: Delta Michelangelo 2-Bike Mount 

Delta Michelangelo 2-Bike Mount.jpg - best bike storage

This ubiquitous bike rack is a classic for a reason. Unlike classier-looking versions that mount directly to your wall, the inexpensive Delta Michelangelo can lean anywhere. Those living in homes with lots of drywall and not enough studs can keep their bikes stowed away relatively neatly. It allows you to stack one bike on top of the other in the rack, effectively doubling your floor space, while avoiding bikes leaned against the walls.

It’s simple and if a little utilitarian looking, but when not in use, it lies nearly flat against the wall and blends in. And it’s easy to set up and move from apartment to apartment. It’s great for hallways or for making the most of an unused space against a wall.

It’s best for road, cyclocross, and gravel bikes, since mountain bike handlebars will require the front wheel to be mounted at an angle to accommodate the wide bars. It will still hold most mountain bikes, but won’t look as neat or be as out of the way.

PROS: Inexpensive, easy to use, good for small spaces
CONS: Not optimal for wide handlebars
PRICE: $63

 BEST FOR SMALL ROOMS: Feedback Sports Velo Column 

Feedback Sports Velo Column Bike Stand - best bike storage

For an elegant freestanding solution if you have an awkward spot for bike storage or you don’t always have bikes hanging and you don’t want the rack to take up much space, Feedback Sports Velo Column Bike Stand is a great option that also stacks two bikes.

The Velo Column uses springs to hold the single pole in place from floor to ceiling, making it seamlessly fit in with your decor in a way that no other bike rack style can accomplish. Individually adjustable sides help it fit a wide range of frame shapes and sizes, too.

Just double check your ceiling before you order. Some homes and apartments have ceilings that simply aren’t meant to withstand the push of a pole that’s held by springs, and it could bust through your drywall or tiles. Pro tip: Putting a round wood plaque between the ceiling and mount could spread the pressure well enough to make it work. And if you have a popcorn ceiling, it could cause some damage to the finish. Fits spaces 7 to 10 feet high.

PROS: Easy to use, good for small spaces
CONS: Expensive, ceiling needs to be sturdy
PRICE: $239

 BEST FOR WALL MOUNTING: Delta Cycles’ Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack 

Delta Cycles' Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack- best bike storage

If you do have walls with studs at appropriate places (or believe in your ability to use drywall screws), then the simple Delta Cycles’ Leonardo Da Vinci wall hanger is a great option. It’s simple, easy to install, and fits most road, gravel, cyclocross, and XC mountain bikes, allowing them to vertically hang on the wall. The mount also comes in wider sizes for fat bikes and mountain bikes with wider tires.  It’s clean-looking enough to mount your bike on the wall in a studio apartment, and sturdy and simple enough to put in the garage to get bikes up and out of the way.

Two mounting tips: First, make sure you understand how far out from the wall your bike will hang. Hold your bike up against the wall in place before putting in the mount. You’d be amazed at how far out from the wall the bike will hang: Bikes always take up more space than you’d expect. (See below for a swiveling option that keeps it closer to the wall once you hang them) And don’t skip installation of the tray for the second wheel—make sure that’s in place in order to keep your walls clean.

PROS: Simple, elegant solution to hanging storage
CONS: Really needs to be mounted into wall studs, can scuff walls if you don’t use tray
PRICE: $27

 BEST FOR TIGHT SPACES: Bike Nook Bicycle Stand 

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand - best bike storage

If you can’t use a wall mount, the Bike Nook Bicycle Stand is another option that will put your bike in the same vertical configuration, up and off the floor, with no carpentry skills necessary.

This editor was skeptical whether on not this would be useful, but in a small apartment that’s maxed out on space, this was great for getting mountain bikes with wide handlebars up and out of the way, neatly tucked into a corner. It’s also a great way to utilize storage space in small closets, without worrying that opening a door could cause a bike avalanche.

PROS: Gets bike up and out of the way in tight spots
CONS: A little expensive for what it is
PRICE: $60

 BEST FOR GARAGES: Birdrock Bike Stand Rack with Storage 

Birdrock 3-Bike Stand Rack with Storage - best bike storage

If you have a big garage, it’s easy to end up with every bike in the house leaning up against one wall in an annoying jumble… and of course, the one you want to ride is somehow always in the back. Getting a standing bike rack that you can wheel your bikes into makes it simple for everyone, even your five-year-old, to put his or her bikes away after a ride.

The Birdrock Bike Stand is great because it also offers a spot to stow helmets, shoes, hydration packs, multitools, pumps—whatever gear you want to have on hand for a ride. It makes getting out the door, and cleaning up post-ride, much easier. And it keeps your bikes neatly tucked into one spot, rather than scattered everywhere. It’s available in 2, 3, and 4-bike configurations.

PROS: No installation, keeps bikes organized
CONS: Takes up extra space if you have a small garage
PRICE: $90 to $135, depending on size

 BEST FOR OBSESSIVE ORGANIZERS: Keepo Pegboard Combination Kit 

Keepo Pegboard Combination Kit - best bike storage

When it comes to easy access for tools or cycling accessories, installing a pegboard might be the best decision you’ll ever make. With four small pegboards (arrange to measure 22″ x 22″ or 11″ x 44″) and 14 accessories for hanging stuff, the Keepo Pegboard Combination Kit is a great starter set for creating your perfectly organized gear room.

This editor prefers using it as a combination charging station and small parts area, with all the riding essentials at the ready, from lights to multitools to gloves. It’s also great for helmets, snacks, and heart rate straps. You can choose the size and style of your pegboard, and it comes in two colors. If you’re using it to hang tools, consider black to hide grease, but white can be a great way to show off accessories and make your gear storage into a work of art.

PROS: Keeps everything visible; includes plenty of pegs, bins, etc.
CONS: Takes up a lot of wall space
PRICE: $50

 BEST FOR HOME GYMS: CAXXA 3-Tier Rolling Metal Storage Organizer 

CAXXA 3-Tier Rolling Metal Storage Organizer - best bike storage

Bikerumor staffers love using small three-tier bar carts as storage spaces for bike trainer accessories, with the space on top reserved for in-ride essentials like phones, water bottles, and towels. The height is tall enough to reach from your bike, but not so tall that the cart can’t easily tuck away in a corner or closet when not in use. Any bar cart will work for this, but finding one that’s metal with rollers is ideal since it’s easy to tuck away when you’re done using the “gym” and easy to clean if you manage to drip sweat or grease on it.

You can use it to store riding gear—helmet, cap and sunglasses on top; gloves, vest, arm warmers, and sunscreen in the middle; shoes and tools in the bottom—or for your home gym accessories like yoga balls and blocks and small dumbbells.  It’s an ideal way to keep small gear, whether it’s all of your ride food and drink supplies or your bike tools, somewhat organized and easy to access. (Check out this article on our must-have indoor trainer accessories for more great ideas.)

PROS: Easy to setup, easy to repurpose, you’ll wonder how you lived without it
CONS: Takes up floor space
PRICE: $40

 BEST FOR MAINTENANCE: Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit 

muc off bike clean kit - best bike storage

A  bike storage solution for your apartment is important, but a bike cleaning kit is essential to a happy household. The Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit is great because it contains all the essentials you need to give your bike a good clean, and the storage container for the cleaning supplies doubles as the bucket for the cleaning.

It comes with multiple brushes plus a big sponge for a quick clean, and a claw for cleaning out your caked-up derailleur. It also includes Muc-Off’s biodegradable bike wash plus a Bike Spray to polish up your bike before you hang it up.

Between the bucket and a water bottle full of plain water to rinse it off afterward, whether you’re washing the bike in a big backyard or tucked into an alleyway behind your apartment or even in the bathtub, everything you need for a clean bike is here.

Extremely messy? We’re not huge fans of single-use towels or heavy-duty chemicals, but as a cyclist married to another cyclist and with white wall-to-wall carpets in our condo, we need something around that can quickly help avoid grease stains everywhere. We keep a degreasing wipe like Tub-O-Towels on hand by the door for “emergencies.”

PROS: Everything you need, nothing you don’t
CONS: Pricey
PRICE: $70

Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Storage

Feedback’s see-through display shows their swiveling wheel hooks drilled into the studs behind the clear “drywall”.

How do I mount a bike rack on the wall?
Make sure you find a stud to mount it to! Because you’ll be taking a bike on and off its wall mount, you don’t want to rely on drywall hooks if possible. If you’re super handy, feel free to experiment with drywall anchors or toggle bars, but unless you’re willing to patch your walls and repaint, beware.

Many apartments simply won’t have ideal studs in the wall to support the weight of a bike and the regular movement that goes with daily riding, so you’re better off with a freestanding rack like Delta’s Michelangelo, even if it doesn’t look as good. (Holes in your wall look worse.)

What should I look for when choosing bike storage?
Think about your riding and bike maintenance routines, and try to optimize around them. Are you always forgetting to charge your Garmin? Setting up a bike rack directly next to a charging station can ensure that you always plug in right when you finish riding.

It’s also worth considering the state of your bike and body when you finish most rides. Do you live in a particularly wet area where most rides end with a dripping wet or muddy bike? In that case, make sure your bike rack is close to the door and has a mat underneath it to save your floors.

How do I measure for bike storage?
Often, we underestimate the amount of space our bikes will take up in our small apartments. Rather than assuming your bike is “bike size,” measure it at the widest spot (the handlebars), measure it from the edge of one wheel all the way to the other, and measure it from the ground to the highest spot (usually the saddle). This is the amount of space your bike will take up.

For wall-hanging bikes, remember that they will be as wide from the wall as their widest point, which will either be their handlebar width or their saddle height, depending on the style of the wall mount.

Keep those measurements in mind when trying to design your apartment’s layout: Those underestimations can lead to drywall anchors needing to be rehung, or hallways that are now impassable.

park tool bike storage hooks

Does it hurt my bike to hang it from the wheels?
Nope. In fact, we interviewed three different brake and suspension brands to confirm that hanging a bike in either direction won’t affect hydraulic brakes or suspension fluids. And regular bikes aren’t heavy enough to strain any of the parts, even if you’re leaving them hanging for weeks or a couple months between rides.

Do these hanging mounts work for e-bikes?
Generally, e-bikes are too heavy for hanging from the wheel. Your best bet, if you must hang them, are wall racks that are rated for such loads. But our recommendation would be a ground solution, like the Birdrock Bike Stand or even just a single wheel rack like Delta Cycle’s Adjustable Floor Stand, which spreads to fit anything from skinny road bike tires to fat bikes.

Have a storage question or an awkward spot you’re trying to make use of for bike storage? Hit us up in the comments and we’ll try to help you solve it!

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