Assos Mille GT Winter bib tights review

Assos Mille GT Winter bib tights review

What is winter riding? Most people probably think of that as a simple question but there’s actually a lot of answers. It depends on where you live, how tolerant you are to the cold, and what kind of riding you do. Even within all those qualifiers that narrow it down there’s a huge range across a winter plus the shoulder seasons either side. Finding the right clothing can be hard, and when it comes to bib tights, the Assos Mille GT winter bib tights are one option among many. 

The Assos Mille GT cover a narrow range of riding when compared to the bigger picture but it’s an important slice. Keep reading to see how we think they work best and how they compare to our list of the best winter bib tights. They don’t do everything but they might be exactly what you need.  

Assos Mille GT Winter Bib Tights

At the rear, the iconic Assos branding adorns the lumbar area while reflective strips live across the calf muscles (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics 

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