Abus Granit X-Plus 540 U-Lock Review

Abus Granit X-Plus 540 U-Lock Review

A bike lock needs to feel indestructible and the folks at Abus certainly deliver on that promise with the X-Plus 540.

This U-Lock is made of special temper-hardened steel that, simply put, feels tough.

Of course, the tough design doesn’t come without compromise. These high-end materials are quite heavy, which can add weight to your pack or to your bike if you opt to use one of the two different bracket mounts for the lock.

The Abus Granit X-Plus 540 weighs in at 1,450g, or about 3lbs, which is heavy for a lock.

Durability obviously comes to mind when talking about construction, and the Abus certainly delivers in that category. But the tough design also impacts function.

When I used this lock, everything simply worked. The key fits in the hole perfectly and everything just clicks into place perfectly. You won’t have to worry about getting everything lined up when you park your bike. Just wrap the shackle around your bike, click it in and be off.

As I’ve mentioned throughout this review, a tough design that simply works comes with a premium price tag. In addition to the peace of mind that the security level of this U-lock provides, the hassle-free factor also has to be taken into mind.

If you’re using this lock on a daily basis, let’s say in a dense urban area, you want something quick to pull out of your bag (or off a bracket mount) that can lock up quickly so you can be on your way.

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