“A new frontier in urban mobility”: Cowboy launch their third gen e-bike | electric bike reviews, buying advice and news

“A new frontier in urban mobility”: Cowboy launch their third gen e-bike | electric bike reviews, buying advice and news

Belgian urban e-bike innovators Cowboy have launched their third generation model, simply called the Cowboy 3. While sticking to the previous design principles such as the seat tube-integrated battery and a single gear transmission, Cowboy have added new app features such as auto-unlock, introduced new colourways and made the gear ratio lower for even more help on hills. They boldly describe it as “a new frontier in urban mobility”, and it’s available to buy right away.

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Weighing in at 16.9kg, Cowboy 3 has a total of 15 changes compared to the previous model. The highlights, Cowboy say, are the addition of a higher quality Gates Carbon Belt Drive that can last up to 30,000km, a new sturdier stem, plus new custom tyres and mudguards.

Whereas Cowboy previously specced Gravelking Panaracer 42mm tyres, they are now working with a new manufacturer for the tyres on the Cowboy 3 (also 42mm) that they claim have increased puncture protection. The stem is said to offer ‘improved safety’, while the new mudguards are made specifically for the Cowboy and can be added for an additional £89 levy. The upgrade to a Gates carbon belt doubles the expected life of the singlespeed drivetrain, with the previous rubber/glass fibre belt requiring no maintenance for up to 15,000km. The gear ratio is now also lower and ‘optimised for riding at 25km/h’, which means easier standing starts and more help on hills, but less oomph for when you’re going downhill or riding fast on flats.

Existing highlights include the seat tube-mounted, removable battery with an integrated brake light, a custom rear-wheel motor, hydraulic disc brakes and an integrated front light.

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Cowboy have also added four new smart features to their app, which are auto-unlock, theft detection, crash detection and ‘air quality’; the latter telling you what the pollution levels are around you so you can plan your healthiest route around the city. Auto-unlock works much like cars with smart key fobs, detecting the rider and allowing the owner to unlock the bike without having to unlock the app on their phone or turn a key. Other smart features carried over from the previous model include Siri Voice Control, Navigation and ‘Find My Bike’.

Cowboy are also rolling out a Cowboy Mobile Service across numerous cities, allowing riders to book repairs online with local specialists who will fix their bike free of charge.

The Cowboy 3 is priced at £1,990 (without mudguards) and bikes are delivered within eight weeks with free delivery upon placing an order – head over to Cowboy’s website for more info.