A 45 gram, nine function multi-tool? The PB Swiss-made Daysaver is super light & compact

A 45 gram, nine function multi-tool? The PB Swiss-made Daysaver is super light & compact

Many multi-tools have a problem. Most riders want more tools, which usually means more weight. It can also mean the tool itself gets wider as you stack tools on top of one another, which makes it more difficult to get into tight spaces. The idea of using replaceable bits is not a new one, but Daysaver has taken the concept to the next level with bits-in-bits to create a sleek, 9 function multi tool.

PB Swiss-made Daysaver bits

Starting with an ergonomically shaped L-wrench with 8mm allen fittings on both ends, the Daysaver then adds four custom bits to the mix. These bits are cleverly designed to nest together in almost many different configurations.

PB Swiss-made Daysaver features

Each bit is also able to be used at both end of the tool which allows you to reach tight spaces, or use the full torquing ability of the L-wrench for removing stubborn bolts.

PB Swiss-made Daysaver features

Each bit is held into the tool body with magnets, and the whole thing is manufactured by PB Swiss Tools out of their exclusive tool steel. Even with the steel construction and the different bits, the tool still weighs in less than 45g. Partnering with PB Swiss Tools also allowed Daysaver to test the tool extensively, proving that the key can withstand up to 97Nm of maximum torque. The bits are even stronger, meaning you shouldn’t have any problem with your average trail-side repair.

PB Swiss-made Daysaver mount

To make sure you’ll always have the Daysaver at the ready, there is an optional bottle cage mount which can be used with or without a cage. Note that even though the bits are held in place with magnets, the mount has physical stops to prevent any bits from bouncing out on the trail.

PB Swiss-made Daysaver

So what’s the catch? Well, Swiss made tools are known for their quality, not necessarily their affordability. Even at the Kickstarter pricing, the Daysaver tool starts around $66 without the bottle cage mount. After the Early Bird pricing is gone, the price jumps to $77, and if you want the mount you’re looking at $109 for the full package. But if you’re spending big dollars on super light weight bicycle components and still carrying around a clunky old multi-tool, the Daysaver certainly looks like a clever piece of kit. If funded, the tools will begin shipping in January, 2021.


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