6 Things to Do After Every Indoor Bike Sessions

Obviously your head sweats a lot, which is why we recommend draping a towel over your handlebars and hoods.

But did you know your hands actually sweat more than your head? 

Cycling gloves can help prevent sweat corrosion from making its way into your handlebars, but a towel over the handlebars can guarantee it.

While any old towel should do the trick, there are many accessories these days to enhance the indoor riding experience. Some accessory manufacturers have created specific towels for indoor trainers that protect against sweat corrosion.

Spintowel, for example, is a fitted, absorbent towel that attaches to the handlebars and can be easily machine washed. Owners of stationary bikes, like a Peloton, have found these covers to be the perfect option for protecting their expensive bikes.

If you’re using an old towel from your house, bigger bath towels work the best because you can fold them and use the weight to stay on the handlebars as your ride. Smaller hand towels could potentially fall off during your ride.

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