5 Things to Know Before Getting A Bike Fit

5 Things to Know Before Getting A Bike Fit

Bicycle fit should be geared toward a goal, and goals change. 

Riders with a few years of experience may now be ready for a more aggressive position as they become interested in racing or taking part in gran fondos or sportives. An updated bike fit will help them achieve those goals as their skills progress.

Cyclists recovering from severe injury or crash could benefit from a fresh bike fit too since their trauma may have permanently altered their position and range of motion. Muscles atrophy over time and bicycling is an excellent rehabilitative therapy, but you and your muscles may need time to return to a previous position and state.

Any cyclist’s optimum riding position naturally changes over time because of factors such as age, injury, weight loss, weight gain, and flexibility to name a few. If it has been over five years since your last bike fit, it might be time to schedule a new one. Your ideal position is not fixed for life.

Your racing days may be well behind you, so it may be a good idea to let go of the past and modify your super-aero and aggressive riding position onto something more adapted to your current riding style, goals, and level of fitness. There’s no shame in comfort.

Unless you’re a regular at the yoga studio, your youthful flexibility may be but a memory. Stress from a growing family, personal relationships, financial responsibilities, injuries, and professional life accumulate too, resulting in our reduced capacity to adapt. The bike is no exception and our old measurements may have met their expiration date.

A fresh bike fit will refocus your goals and establish the strength and flexibility you need to avoid injury and worse. Your new position may be more comfortable, and the time on the bike more gratifying.

In fact, it may just rekindle your love of the sport, or trigger the desire to treat yourself to that custom-built bicycle you’ve been dreaming about!

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